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  • Planned service outage

    Technical Difficulties: EBSCO linking errors

    Many of the links to EBSCO databases from the library’s OneSearch tool are not working correctly right now. Both EBSCO and Ex Libris (the company that owns OneSearch) are aware of the issue and working on a resolution. There are two (2) work-arounds for this […]

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  • Now Hiring: Interlibrary Loan

    Interested in working at the GC Library?  Apply now to work at the Interlibrary Loan unit for 10-20 hours per week.  The Interlibrary Loan department is a busy unit that provides a core service at the Library, facilitating access to a wide variety of physical […]

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  • Welcome back! Fall 2021 Access Updates

    Welcome back to the Mina Rees Library! We’re excited to share a few updates – including the return of print circulation, InterLibrary Loan, and expanded Library access. Read about the details below – and feel free to reach us at, or via our 24/7 […]

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  • CUNY Academic Works logo

    Summertime, and Submitting Scholarship is Easy

    Ah, August. A time for relaxing at the beach with a good book, for going to cookouts with family and friends, for picnicking in a shady park…and for sharing your research and instructional materials with the world via CUNY Academic Works. Unlike the ephemeral summer, […]

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  • My Journey of Making Education Affordable

    Borrowing textbooks from the library, photocopying, or finding a free PDF version have always been the best options to enable me to continue my education while living a financially sound life. As I became an adjunct lecturer of Physics and Mathematics at CUNY, I saw students in a similar situation in every course.

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  • photo of Katelyn Angell

    Katelyn Angell: Next Stop, Lehman College

    Over the past two and a half years, many Graduate Center students, faculty, and staff have interacted with Adjunct Reference Librarian Katelyn (Kate) Angell. In her time at the Mina Rees Library, she provided top-notch reference assistance; taught workshops about finding grants and more; contributed […]

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  • open/ings

    OA and OER are a good that's not good enough; but we can use them as tools to foreground again and again the vital fact that we are forming all kinds of new relationships right here in the present. “Open” access or OER isn’t one thing, it's one tactic among many we can use to alter our relationship to time, to space, to each other.

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  • Science Writing and OER

    As a disabled scholar and professor, I frequently use scrappy and subversive tactics to survive within the educational industrial complex. I incorporate these tactics into my classes as a way to support my students. One method of academic survival has been to find ways to freely access resources and share that information with my working class students.

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  • The Complete Cost of OER Labor

    At what point do I, or my fellow contingent faculty, set up the possibility of being replaced in assembling an OER course? And, as underpaid university labor, where do you draw the line between increasing your workload and the needs of your students?

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  • Now available: Duke University Press Ebooks

    Building robust print and electronic collections to support teaching and research at The Graduate Center continues to be a top priority for Mina Rees library faculty. We have two announcements to share along those lines, as follows: The library has acquired the Duke University Press […]

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