2nd Annual Early Research and Scholarship Conference

2015-ERS-Conf-finalThe Graduate Center’s Second Annual Early Research and Scholarship Conference (formerly the Archival Research Conference) features student recipients of one of several different fellowships funded by the Provost’s office: the Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies, the Award for Archival Research in African American and African Diaspora Studies, and the Pre-Dissertation Summer Research Awards. Panels moderated by Graduate Center faculty are followed by an afternoon roundtable featuring archivists from NYC institutions discussing the collections they curate. The conference is free and open to all, and it includes a complimentary lunch and reception.

The schedule for the day is below. For detailed panel descriptions, see the full program.


Friday, September 25, 2015
9:00AM – 3:30PM
Graduate Center, CUNY – Concourse Level


Program at a Glance

C205 C203 C197 C201 C198
9:00-9:20 Welcoming Remarks: Duncan Faherty and Provost Louise Lennihan
(in Concourse Lobby)
9:20-10:20 The Unfinished Project of Emancipation
Chair: Herman Bennett (History)John Blanton (History), Sean Gerrity (English), Glen Olson (History), Elvira Basevich (Philosophy), Sean Griffin (History)
Aesthetics, Coloniality, and Otherness
Chair: Tanya Agathocleous (English)Makeba Lavan (English), Krystle Farman (History), Maria Stracke (English), Christina McCollum (Art History)
Teaching Otherwise
Chair: Katina Rogers (Futures Initiative; HASTAC)Maureen Samedy (Urban Education), Talia Shalev (English), Caitlyn Bolton (Anthropology), Laura Kaplan (Urban Education)
Re-mixing Methods
Chair: Jessie Daniels (Public Health)James Head (Psychology), Joanna Smolenski (Philosophy), Rachel Chernick (Social Welfare), Devin Heyward (Psychology)
Trans-/Queer Encounters in the Archives
Chair: Matt Brim (English, CSI ; WSQ)B Lee Aultman (Political Science), Melina Moore (English), Frederic-Charles Baitinger (French), Christopher Ewing (History), Margaret Galvan (English)
10:20-10:30 BREAK
10:30-11:30 Music-making and the Un/Making of ‘Self’
Chair: David Olan (Music)Julia Goldstein (Theatre), Sissi Liu (Theatre), Paul Fess (English), Elizabeth Weybright (English)
Crafting the Global City
Chair: Sujatha Fernandes (Sociology)Nicholas Gamso (English), Morgan Buck (Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geography), Elizabeth Sibilia (Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geography), Liz Donato (Art History)
Inter-/ Trans-nationalisms
Chair: Susan Buck-Morss (Political Science)Zeynep Oguz (Anthropology), Jenny LeRoy (English), Justin Bracken (Anthropology), Aparna Anand (Economics)
Aesthetics and Politics
Chair: Barbara Webb (English)Kannaki Bharali (Sociology), Timothy Griffiths (English), Sean Kennedy (English), Wendy Tronrud (English)
Re/visioning Education
Chair: Michelle Fine (Urban Education)Matthew Chrisler (Anthropology), Chloe Asselin (Urban Education), Danica Savonick (English), Brian Jones (Urban Education), Lynne Beckenstein (English)
11:30-12:15 LUNCH
12:15-1:15 Alternative Media in the Long Nineteenth Century
Chair: Hildegard Hoeller (English)Yair Solan (English), Nicole Zeftel (Comparative Literature), Krystyna Michael (Comparative Literature), Courtney Chatellier (English), Elizabeth Decker (English)
On Roots and Routes of the Black Diasporas
Chair: Robert F. Reid-Pharr (English)Kristin Moriah (English), Leila Harris (Art History), Gordon Barnes (History), Abigail Lapin (Art History)
Militarism, Security, and the Environment
Chair: Duncan Faherty (English)Sobukwe Odinga (Political Science), Alexandra Schindler (Anthropology), Lydia Pelot-Hobbs (Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geography), Laurel Turbin (Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geography)
Criminalization, Reform, and Resistance
Chair: Donald Robotham (Anthropology)Chunrye Kim (Criminal Justice), James Andrew Sevitt (Psychology), Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land (Sociology), Robert Jackson (Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geography)
Dissent and Scandalous Expressions
Chair: Claire Bishop (Art History)Thomas Muzart (French), Sydney Stutterheim (Art History), Nora Slonimsky (History), Meng Jiang (Comp Lit), Jessica Mahlbacher (Political Science)
1:15-1:30 BREAK
1:30-2:30 NYC Archivists Roundtable
(in Elebash Recital Hall)
2:30-3:30 RECEPTION
(in Elebash Lobby)

About the Author

Roxanne Shirazi is Dissertation Research Librarian and Assistant Professor at the Graduate Center's Mina Rees Library, where she also serves as Project Director for the CUNY Digital History Archive.