Early Research and Scholarship Conference Program Details

Friday, September 25, 2015
9:00AM – 3:30PM
Graduate Center, CUNY – Concourse Level


Panel Session I


1. The Unfinished Project of Emancipation

Chair: Herman Bennett (History)        Room: C205

  • John Blanton (History)
    This Species of Property: Slavery and the Properties of Subjecthood in Anglo-American, Law, 1619-1783
  • Sean Gerrity (English)
    The John Brown Moment: Imagining a Maroon Community in the Alleghenies
  • Glen Olson (History)
    Slavery’s Leviathan: Visions of Federal Governance, 1815-60
  • Elvira Basevich (Philosophy)
    W.E.B. Du Bois and the Unfinished Project of Emancipation
  • Sean Griffin (History)
    Black Utopias: African-American Workers and Cooperative Communities

2. Aesthetics, Coloniality, and Otherness

Chair: Tanya Agathocleous (English)        Room: C203

  • Makeba Lavan (English)
    Another Country: Hybridity and Identity Formation in Black Europe
  • Krystle Farman (History)
    Arrogant Tricksters, Saintly Figures: Afro-Mexican Religious Beliefs in Colonial Mexico
  • Maria Stracke (English)
    Representations of Native Americans in Early U.S. and 19th Century Art and Letters: George Catlin and Karl Bodmer in the Archives
  • Christina McCollum (Art History)
    Exhibitions of Outsider Art: The American Folk Art Museum

3. Teaching Otherwise

Chair: Katina Rogers (Futures Initiative; HASTAC) Room: C197

  • Maureen Samedy (Urban Education)
    Leadership at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • Talia Shalev (English)
    Where Poetics and Pedagogies Meet: Witness in June Jordan and Adrienne Rich
  • Caitlyn Bolton (Anthropology)
    Negro Education from the American South to 1920s East Africa
  • Laura Kaplan (Urban Education)
    P.S. 25, South Bronx: Community Control and Bilingual Education

4. Re-mixing Methods

Chair: Jessie Daniels (Public Health)        Room: C201

  • James Head (Psychology)
    Abraham Maslow: Unsung Hero of “Pre-Qualitative” Psychology
  • Joanna Smolenski (Philosophy)
    Dimensions of Moral Identity and Social Inequality: An International and Interdisplinary Perspective
  • Rachel Chernick (Social Welfare)
    Risk Factors Involved in the Transition from Non-Medical Prescription Opiate to Heroin Use: A Qualitative Study of Young Adult Opioid Users
  • Devin Heyward (Psychology)
    Genetics and Genealogy: The Search for History and Racial Identity

5. Trans-/Queer Encounters in the Archives

Chair: Matt Brim (English, CSI ; WSQ)        Room: C198

  • B Lee Aultman (Political Science)
    The Epistemology of Transgender Political Resistance: Embodied Experience and Everyday Life
  • Melina Moore (English)
    Gender Journeys: Embodiment and Autobiographical Form in Western Trans Life-Writing from 18th c to Present
  • Frederic-Charles Baitinger (French)
    American Versus French: An Interpretation of Gender Theory
  • Christopher Ewing (History)
    The Color of Desire: The Contradictions of Race in German Gay Politics
  • Margaret Galvan (English)
    Feminism in Action: In the Streets, On the Page, Within the Archive

Panel Session II


6. Music-making and the Un/Making of ‘Self’

Chair: David Olan (Music)            Room: C205

  • Julia Goldstein (Theatre)
    Transnational Process in Sundance Institute East Africa: The Crossing Boundaries Festival in Addis Ababa
  • Sissi Liu (Theatre)
    Fred Ho’s Implosive Wukongist Exploration and Performance of “Asian American Jazz”
  • Paul Fess (English)
    Resonant Texts: The Politics and Practices of 19th-century African American Musical Cultures of Print from Abolitionism to the Player Piano
  • Elizabeth Weybright (English)
    “Pleasure only to herself”: Gender and Subversive Musicianship in the Long Nineteenth Century

7. Crafting the Global City

Chair: Sujatha Fernandes (Sociology)        Room: C203

  • Nicholas Gamso (English)
    The World(s) of Robert Moses
  • Morgan Buck (Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geography)
    Women In and Out of Place: The Gendered Geographies of Urban Governance in Twentieth Century Johannesburg
  • Elizabeth Sibilia (Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geography)
    Space, Labor, and Law: The Global Production of a Landscape for Shipbreaking in Chittagong, Bangladesh and the Problem of Waste
  • Liz Donato (Art History)
    The Intimate City: The Valparaiso Architecture School in the Urban Sphere, 1952-1972

8. Inter-/ Trans-nationalisms

Chair: Susan Buck-Morss (Political Science)    Room: C197

  • Zeynep Oguz (Anthropology)
    The Radiance to Come: Nuclear Energy and the Politics of Anticipation in Turkey
  • Jenny LeRoy (English)
    Cuba Rising: Approaching the Archive in a Time of Detente

  • Justin Bracken (Anthropology)
    Walls as Enduring Boundaries: Investigating the Fortified Maya Site of Muralla de Leon
  • Aparna Anand (Economics)
    The Economic Analysis of Domestic Workers: Role of Beliefs and Identity in Educational Choices.

9. Aesthetics and Politics

Chair: Barbara Webb (English)            Room: C201

  • Kannaki Bharali (Sociology)
    Bare Bodies, Performance, and Identity of Life Models in New York
  • Timothy Griffiths (English)
    Bricolage Propriety: The Queer Practice of Late-Nineteenth Century Black Uplift
  • Sean Kennedy (English)
    Global Gangster Culture under Late Capitalism: Researching the South African Case
  • Wendy Tronrud (English)
    Doing Time, Incarceration and Freedom in William Walker and Thomas Gaines’s Buried Alive (Behind Prison Walls) for a Quarter of a Century: Life of William Walker (1892)

10. Re/visioning Education

Chair: Michelle Fine (Urban Education)        Room: C198

  • Matthew Chrisler (Anthropology)
    Youth Contestations of Education Reform: A Study of TFA-Phoenix
  • Chloe Asselin (Urban Education)
    Social Movement Unionism: Organized Teachers’ Struggles and Successes in Defending and Transforming Public Education in Philadelphia
  • Danica Savonick (English)
    “Aesthetic of the Outsider”: Audre Lorde’s Pedagogy and a Different Relationship to Difference
  • Brian Jones (Urban Education)
    The Tuskegee Revolt: Blackness, Learning, and the Legacy of Booker T. Washington
  • Lynne Beckenstein (English)
    Pain as Feminist Pedagogy: Audre Lorde and the Sisterhood in the Spelman College Archives

Panel Session III


11. Alternative Media in the Long Nineteenth Century

Chair: Hildegard Hoeller (English)        Room: C205

  • Yair Solan (English)
    London in Hollywood: Jack London’s Autobiographical Novels and the Social Problem Film
  • Nicole Zeftel (Comparative Literature)
    Nervous in America: Urbanization, Anxiety, and Labor in Late-19th-Century American Literature
  • Krystyna Michael (Comparative Literature)
    Circulating Domesticity: Home Periodicals, Domestic Ideology, and the 19th- and 20th-Century American City
  • Courtney Chatellier (English)
    Research on the Circulation of French Literature in Late Eighteenth Century Philadelphia
  • Elizabeth Decker (English)
    Fannie Hurst: Beyond Imitation

12. On Roots and Routes of the Black Diasporas

Chair: Robert F. Reid-Pharr (English)        Room: C205

  • Kristin Moriah (English)
    Das Kabarett: Das Programm, Multiculturalism and Internationalism in the Pre-WWI Berlin Theater Scene
  • Leila Harris (Art History)
    Picturesque Labor: Photography, British Colonialism, and the Tea Trade 1860-1914
  • Gordon Barnes (History)
    Revolt and Refusal: Organized Violence, Individualized Resistance, and the Challenge to Planter Power in the British Empire, 1810-1900
  • Abigail Lapin (Art History)
    Visualizing a Black Presence in Brazil: Art and the Civil Rights Movement in Salvador da Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, 1950s-80s

13. Militarism, Security, and the Environment

Chair: Duncan Faherty (English)        Room: C205

  • Sobukwe Odinga (Political Science)
    Hostages to Fortune: Strategic Resources, Hard Bargaining, and US-African Security Cooperation
  • Alexandra Schindler (Anthropology)
    Displacing Crisis through Escape: ‘Border Practices’ of Syrian Refugees in Urban Cairo
  • Lydia Pelot-Hobbs (Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geography)
    Contesting the Louisiana Carceral State
  • Laurel Turbin (Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geography)
    Geographies of Desecration: Race, Indigeneity, and the Militarization of Hawai‘i

14. Criminalization, Reform, and Resistance

Chair: Donald Robotham (Anthropology)    Room: C205

  • Chunrye Kim (Criminal Justice)
    Intimate Partner Violence among Korean Immigrants in New York City
  • James Andrew Sevitt (Psychology)
    Everyday Acts of Struggle, Survival, Resilience and Resistance: The Emergence of New Economic Cultures in the Aftermath of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis

  • Bronwyn Dobchuk-Land (Sociology)
    The Genealogy of Social Democratic Responses to Crime

  • Robert Jackson (Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geography)
    In Certain Respects, the Future Looks Bright: Migration, Criminalization, and Race-Making in 21st Century Alabama

15. Dissent and Scandalous Expressions

Chair: Claire Bishop (Art History)        Room: C205

  • Thomas Muzart (French)
    Beyond the Scandal: Rethinking the Relationship between Censorship and Marginalized Artists in Contemporary France
  • Sydney Stutterheim (Art History)
    Accomplices in the Work of Lynn Hershman Leeson
  • Nora Slonimsky (History)
    “The Engine of Free Expression” [?]: The Political Development of Copyright in the Colonial British Atlantic and Early National United States
  • Meng Jiang (Comp Lit)
    Between the State and the Market: Translocality in Chinese Postsocialist Art Cinema
  • Jessica Mahlbacher (Political Science)
    Releasing the Genie: Tracing the Trajectories of Authoritarian Mobilization of Mass-Nationalism in China and Russia

NYC Archivists Roundtable

Elebash Recital Hall


Welcoming Remarks by Duncan Faherty, Director Early Research Initiative

Chair: Polly Thistlethwaite, Chief Librarian CUNY Graduate Center


  • Karen Hwang
    Consultant, artasiamerica
  • María Isabel Molestina-Kurla
    Reader Services Librarian, The Morgan Library & Museum
  • Thomas Lannon
    Assistant Curator, The New York Public Library Manuscripts and Archives Division
  • Shola Lynch
    Curator, Moving Image and Recorded Sound Division, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, New York Public Library
  • Edward O’Reilly
    Curator and Head, Manuscript Department, Patricia D. Klingenstein Library, New-York Historical Society
  • John Vincler
    Head of Reader Services, The Morgan Library & Museum

About the Author

Roxanne Shirazi is assistant professor and dissertation research librarian at the CUNY Graduate Center, where she also serves as project director for the CUNY Digital History Archive and oversees the college’s institutional archives.