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    Shifting Out of Neutral into OER

    I was eager to find ways to lessen the financial burden of being a college student in a university system that was once and should still be free to attend. I struggled to find resources that could make my courses a zero-cost experience and introduce students to critical traditions in psychology that are typically excluded in mainstream psychology textbooks and curricula.

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  • We’re Hiring an Electronic Resources Librarian!

    We’re delighted to be hiring a tenure-track Electronic Resources Librarian at the Instructor or Assistant Professor rank. Please share far and wide, and consider applying! Review of applications begins on January 3, 2023. Electronic Resources Librarian, Instructor or Assistant Professor The Graduate Center, CUNY is […]

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    Increasing Engagement via Zero Cost

    It felt wrong, from the beginning, to require my students to find the money and spend so much on a book we would only read a few texts from, [made up of] classics of literature that largely belong to the public domain.... I needed to learn how to make this right and allow my students to engage with my course materials without having to go penniless for it.

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  • Now Hiring: Interlibrary Loan

      We are hiring for a part-time (10-20 hours/week) position at the Interlibrary Loan unit of the Graduate Center library. Interlibrary Loan is an essential service for the GC community, facilitating access to a wide variety of physical and digital materials for our students, faculty […]

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    Temporary Outage: A-Z list and Research Guides

      The platform which hosts our A-Z list and our Research Guides is experiencing a temporary and intermittent outages. While the vendor, SpringShare, attempts to resolve the issue and bring LibGuides back, we suggest you use the CUNY-wide list to access a subset of e-resources. […]

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  • Knowledge, Power, and OER

    Encountering a paywall on my way to some piece of scholarship prompts me into critically questioning the systems of power that keep people in and out of the spaces where knowledge circulates and is transformed and grows, and in/out of the borders of peer-reviewed research in the various fields of specialized knowledge.

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  • Welcome Silvia Cho, as Resource Sharing Librarian

    After nine years working in the GC Library as the GC Library’s interlibrary loan department Supervisor and Manager, we are happy to congratulate Silvia Cho, the newest member of the Library faculty. Silvia holds a Master’s in Library Science from Queens College, a M.A. in […]

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  • Exploring The New York Public Library

    While we may all know about the New York Public Library (NYPL), and perhaps have visited or borrowed items, most of us have probably not made full use of the vast and extensive collections they maintain. Anyone who lives, work, or studies in NY State […]

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  • “Researcher first, teacher second”: Time-Saving Suggestions for Open-Access Teaching

    Whenever I thought about exchanging my textbook for open access materials, I was cowed by the amount of time and effort I imagined such a process taking. I had spent years designing my slides, quizzes, lectures, and course schedules around my textbook—how could I square a complete course overhaul with the axiom of “researcher first, teacher second”?

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  • Find Books From Libraries Around the World with WorldCat: Same Tool, New Interface

    Need books from beyond CUNY? Want to search for books from libraries around the world, to see what’s out there, regardless of which libraries have what? And, then, get them delivered to you through our interlibrary loan service?  WorldCat is the tool for you. WorldCat […]

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