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  • Happy New Year & Library Space Changes

    The GC Library presents sunshine and new spaces for the new year as we brace ourselves for the cold and catch up on projects during the Winter Intersession. Graduate Center Library spaces will soon change. Printing will be centralized in the circular area in front of the 2nd floor rest rooms. This will […]

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  • Making WorldCat More Accurate to Decrease ILL Return Time

    In December, the library finished a project to reconcile the holdings in WorldCat with the library catalog holdings for journals. How does having accurate WorldCat journal holdings records affect interlibrary loan? Interlibrary loan departments across the world rely on WorldCat to order books, DVDs, CDs, […]

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  • Map of the state of New York compiled from the latest authorities NYPL Maps

    NYPL Labs & Copyright @ GC

    Ben Vershbow of NYPL Labs and Greg Cram, NYPL Associate Director of Copyright and Information Policy, joined us at the GC May 8 for the annual Friends of the Library event. Follow the Storify recap or watch online, From Map Sheets to Minecraft: Understanding the Lifecycle […]

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  • Decoding Ebook Collections: How to be Confident about what we Hold

    Frequently Found Frustrations Have you ever been stumped in our catalog by coming across an ebook record that looks something like this? Ebooks can be particularly tricky to navigate in our catalog. Because we share resources and books with other CUNY schools, you might assume […]

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  • NYPL < — > CUNY GC Library

    The development of a permanent rapprochement between the Graduate School and the New York Public Library — with a long-range commitment of public funds under an agreement that would permit the university’s cooperation in the development of those NYPL policies that affect its research collections […]

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  • 2012 Mina Rees Library Year in Review

    With months of interesting happenings in and around the library, we’ve compiled this list of short notations from the Library News Feed with hopes to promote this resource.  The Library Newsfeed is a great place to stay up to date with events, workshops, job openings, […]

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