Happy New Year & Library Space Changes

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The GC Library presents sunshine and new spaces for the new year as we brace ourselves for the cold and catch up on projects during the Winter Intersession. Graduate Center Library spaces will soon change.

(draft blueprint of printing area is not to scale)

(draft blueprint of printing area is not to scale)

  • Printing will be centralized in the circular area in front of the 2nd floor rest rooms. This will be a one-stop, easy- to-find place for student and guest printing.
  • 2nd floor Pantry was cleared out, painted, and refreshed. Pantry storage is available for small items for short periods only. Please keep the pantry clean.
  • Assisted reading space is designated for the room directly behind the printing area. Priority in this space is offered to the occasional library user who works with another person reading aloud. The space is otherwise available for quiet, individual study.
  • Open seating in the south-east corner of the library is expanded with the removal of reader cubicles. And, with the relocation of 2nd floor printers, more prime seating is available by windows on the library’s 34th street side.

We hope you will enjoy the new spaces during the new year. Subscribe to the library blog to receive additional updates on library space changes.

About the Author

Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz is an Assistant Professor and Head of Reference at the Graduate Center Library.