4th Annual Early Research and Scholarship Conference Program Details

Friday, September 1, 2017
9:00AM – 2:40PM
Graduate Center, CUNY – Concourse Level


Panel Session I


1. Literacies and Their (Dis)Contents

Chair: Amy Wan (English) Room: C205

  • Teresa M. Ober (Educational Psychology)
    The Use of Digital Games as an Intervention for Improving Visual-Spatial Processing: Comparing Outcomes for Dyslexic and Non-Dyslexic Readers
  • Cecilia Salvi (Anthropology)
    Repurposed Trash as Value-Producing Literacy Art in the Cartonera Movement
  • Olga Parshina (Psychology)
    Reading and Learning to Read in Cyrillic
  • Patrick James (English)
    Writing, Reading, Surviving: HIV/AIDS Literacy, Literature, and Archive

2. Toward a Transformative Education

Chair: Steve Brier (Urban Education)  Room: C203

  • Angela Crumdy (Anthropology)
    Race, Erasure, and Education in Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Cuba
  • Katherine E. Entigar (Urban Education)
    Agency, Subjectivity, and Collaboration toward a Transformative Pedagogy in Education with “Low-Status” Adult Immigrant Learners in Nonprofit Organizations
  • Kalina Gjicali (Educational Psychology)
    High School Students’ Attitudes and Emotions Toward Mathematics: A Case Study of a Charter School in an Immigrant Community
  • Miriam Atkin (English)
    Forms of Study: Wild Learning in the American Avant Garde
  • Robert Robinson (Urban Education)
    From Political Platform to Practice: The History and Legacy of the Oakland Community School

3. Cultural Institutions and Political Practice

Chair: Herman Bennett (History)   Room: C197

  • Erik Wallenberg (History)
    The Nature of Racism: Civil Rights Theater and Environmental Justice
  • Natalie Oshukany (Ethnomusicology)
    LvivKlezFest and Historical Commemoration in Lviv, Ukraine
  • Liz Hirsch (Art History)
    Artifacts of Critical Intervention in 1970s Los Angeles: The Formation of Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)
  • Christopher McGuinness (Music)
    The Red Salute: Communist Song in Telangana, India
  • Gabriel Arce-Rollins (Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages)
    Cuban Cultural Institutions: Made in Scandinavia

4. Economic Crisis and Health

Chair: Duncan Faherty (English)  (English)  Room: C201

  • Erin Cully (History)
    The Political Roots of Banking Consolidation in the US, 1980-1995
  • Meredith Doherty (Social Welfare)
    Mapping Financial Toxicity across the Cancer Care Continuum
  • Emily Campbell (Sociology)
    Life on the Line: the American Opioid Crisis
  • Santiago Cassalett (Anthropology)
    The Nutritional Niche as a Mechanism for Niche Separation

Panel Session II


6. Cognition, Affect, and Consciousness

Chair: Virginia Valian (Psychology) (Psychology) Room: C205

  • Liat Zitron (Cognition, Brain, and Behavior)
    The Impact of Trait and State Mindfulness on Stress Reactivity
  • Sophia Natasha Sunseri (English)
    Shyness and the Ethics of Engagement in Eighteenth-Century Literature
  • Kelly Webster (Psychology)
    Mapping the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Phosphenes Elicited by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Shawn Fagan (Psychology)
    The Effect of Attentional Deficits in Psychopathy on Cognitive and Emotional Empathy

7. In Darkness Visible: Visual Tools and the Sea

Chair: Julie Skurski (Anthropology)   Room: C203

  • Liang Wu (Anthropology)
    Immobility of Material Hypermobility: Global Seafarers and the Transformation of Port Infrastructure for New Panamax Container Ships
  • Zehra Husain (Anthropology)
    Visualizing Karachi in the Indian Ocean World: Histories of Mobility, Migration, and Blackness
  • Andrea Gomez (Earth and Environmental Sciences)
    Evaluating Bleaching in the Caribbean by Comparing In Situ and Satellite-Based Water Temperatures
  • Eva Gratta McGraw (Art History)
    Xanthus Smith and Maritime Imagery in America

8. The City and the Making of Modern

Chair: David Joselitt (Art History)        Room: C197

  • Christopher Green (Art History)
    Masked Moderns: Native Art of the Pacific Northwest, 1960-1990
  • Andrew Kotick (History)
    Humor and the Politics of Modernity in Fin-de-Siècle Paris
  • Dario Marcucci (Comparative Literature)
    WWI and Italian Modernist Poetry: An Idea of Brotherhood
  • Derek Ludovici (Anthropology)
    Bulaq el Dakrur: An Oral History of Unplanned Urban Development

9. Archives and Audiences

Chair: David Olan (Music)        Room: C201

  • Mary Katherine Kinniburgh (English)
    Archival Approaches to Manifold Media in New American Poetry
  • Leann Osterkamp (DMA Piano Performance)
    Piano Performance Practice in the Music of Leonard Bernstein: An Analytical, Cultural, and Historical Approach
  • Elizabeth Newton (Musicology)
    Affective Fidelity in Lo-Fi Print and Audio Culture of the 1990s
  • Marc Cesar Rickenbach (Comparative Literature)
    Contemporary Theories of Community: German Dialect Literature and Listening Communities

Panel Session III


10. Politics of Land and Climate

Chair: Cindi Katz (Psychology/EES)      Room: C205

  • Christopher Carlson (Sociology)
    The Logic of the Land: The Agrarian Basis of Uneven Development in Brazil
  • Meghan Moore-Wilk (Urban Education)
    Impacts of the Erosion of State Funding for Public Higher Education: Longitudinal Case Studies of Four State Systems–California, New York, Georgia, and Wisconsin
  • Hilary Wilson (Geography)
    Uneven Development in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: From Urban Renewal to Tax Increment Financing
  • Emma Jacobs (Political Science)
    Framing the Climate: National Security Discourses and US Foreign Policy
  • Caroline Gillaspie (Art History)
    “Delicious Libations”: The Landscapes and Genre Scenes of the Nineteenth-Century Brazil-US

12. The Meanings of Safety and Care

Chair: Michelle Fine (Psychology)      Room: C201

  • Aparna Anand (Economics)
    A Model of Economic Analysis of Schooling Choices: The Role of Educational Investment and Frequency of Substitution
  • Yasemin Ozer (Anthropology)
    Improvising Life and Care Beyond the Camp: Syrian Refugees in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Liat Shklarski (Social Welfare)
    Comparing the Efficacy of Two Interventions to Promote Lasting Relationships for Foster Youth
  • Florence Lui (Psychology)
    The Impact of Racial Microaggressions and Overt Experiences of Discrimination on Mental Health: A Latent Class Analysis

13. Activities and Objects of Remembrance

Chair: Bettina Lerner (Comparative Literature)    Room: C203

  • Chelsea Reichert (Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience)
    Delay Activity: The Effect of Active Rehearsal on Remembering Complex Scenes
  • Dana Liljegren (Art History)
    Language Barriers: Multilingualism and Spectatorship in Contemporary Francophone African Art
  • Rebecca Pollack (Art History)
    Holocaust Memorialization in Great Britain
  • Angélique Ibàñez Aristondo (French)
    Retrieving Francophone Literary Writings on WWI
  • Laura Carter (Anthropology)
    Where Are You, My Ancestors? The “Afro” Gap in French Antillean “Reconciliation”—A Cultural Politics of Remembering Nicely?

Panel Session IV


14. Structures of Culture and the Past

Chair: Fernando Degiovanni (Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages)    Room: C205

  • Luis Bernardo Quesada Nieto (Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages)
    Glottopolitical Study on the Etiquette Manual in Mexico and Latin America
  • Maya Harakawa (Art History)
    Fashion Moda: Art, Urbanism, and Culture in the South Bronx
  • Natalie O’Shea (Anthropology)
    Modern Human Dispersals Out-of-Africa: The Impact of African Population Substructure
  • Carlos Cuestas (Ethnomusicology)
    Destabilizing Histories in Colombian National Bambuco

15. Regimes of Race and Violence

Chair: David Waldstreicher (History)  Room: C201

  • Celeste Winston (Geography)
    “How to Lose the Hounds”: Tracing Historical Legacies of Slavery-Era Anti-Police Organizing
  • Philip Johnson (Political Science)
    From the Cuartel to the Cartel: How State Violence Produces Criminal Violence
  • Arinn Amer (History)
    This Saturday Last: The Tarring and Feathering of George Gailer
  • Ola Galal (Anthropology)
    Citizenship and Marginality in Post-Revolution Tunisia
  • Paloma Rodrigo Gonzales (Anthropology)
    The Racialization of Physical Traits in the Andes: An Analysis at the Crossroads of American Racial Regimes

16. Transculturation: Between the Americas and Europe

Chair: Giancarlo Lombardi (Comparative Literature)  Room: C203

  • Agnieszka Anna Ficek (Art History)
    From Allegory to Revolution: Transatlantic Images of the Inca Empire in the French Imagination, 1747–1850
  • John C. Winters (History)
    The “Emperor of the Six Nations”: Tejonihokarawa Hendrick and the Impact of “Bad Birds” in Haudenosaunee and European Colonial Politics
  • Stefano Boselli (Theatre)
    The Argentines of Paris: Performance, Theatres, Networks
  • Nadiah Riverah Fellah (Art History)
    Stills of Passage: Photography and Migration in the US-Mexico Borderlands, 1978-1992

17. Crossroads of Race, Gender, and Sex

Chair: Jonathan Gray (English)  Room: C197

  • Kelsey Chatlosh (Anthropology)
    Race, Nation and Gender: Afro-Descendant Activism in Chile
  • Madison Priest (English)
    Women We Don’t Want to Be: The Female-Authored Antiheroine in American Modernism
  • Yuliya Barycheuskaya (History)
    Gender, Love, and Sexuality in the Mosfilm Archives of Moscow
  • Davide Giuseppe Colasanto (History)
    Italian Masculinities: From Fascism to the Sexual Revolution

About the Author

Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz is an Assistant Professor and Head of Reference at the Graduate Center Library.