3rd Annual Early Research and Scholarship Conference Program Details

Friday, September 2, 2016
9:00AM – 3:00PM
Graduate Center, CUNY – Concourse Level


Panel Session I


1. Towards a More Just Education

Chair: Stephen Brier (Urban Education) Room: C205

  • Matthew Crisler (Anthropology)
    Sunbelt Land and Education Reform
  • Laura Kaplan (Urban Education)
    The Struggle to Create a School for Their Own: Puerto Ricans and the First Spanish-English Bilingual School in New York
  • Timothy Griffiths (English)
    Bricolage Propriety: The Queer Practice of Black Uplift, 1890-1905
  • Sakina Laskimi-Morrow (Urban Education)
    Doctoral Students of Color: Navigating the Ivory Tower

2. Black Radicalism: Past, Present, and Future

Chair: David Waldstreicher (History)  Room: C203

  • Gordon Barnes (History)
    The Crisis of Freedom: Plebian Violence and Elite Discourse in Post-Emancipation Jamaica and Mauritius, 1830-1866
  • Makeba Lavan (English)
    Changing Same: Black Radicalism in the Late 20th Century
  • Maria Quinata (Art History)
    Black Film and Video Collectives in Britain, 1980-1995
  • Krystle Farman (History)
    Conceptions of Faith: Afro-Mexican Catholicism in the Seventeenth Century
  • Elizabeth Newton (Musicology)
    Music and Race in the Writing of Melvin B. Tolson

3. Methods in Motion

Chair: Michelle Fine (Urban Education)  Room: C197

  • Sant Mukh Khalsa (Anthropology)
    Reconstructing Proto-Global Medieval Networks at an Icelandic Fishing Station
  • Esen Karan (Psychology)
    Development of Face Morphing Task to Assess Self Other Differentiation
  • Kristen Ramirez (Anthropology)
    Evolution of Hominoid Locomotor Ecology: The Hand and Suspension
  • Andrew Greene (Psychology)
    Intersectional Praxis of Healing

4. Migrations and Figures of (Im)mobility

Chair: Feisal Mohamed  (English)  Room: C201

  • Isabel Gil-Everaert (Sociology)
    Crossing Mexico: Migrant Strategies and Spaces of Interaction in Transit
  • Maria Stracke (English)
    Native Mobility and William Penn’s Legacy in Charles Brockden Brown’s “Edgar Huntly”
  • Nicholas Micinski (Political Science)
    Migration Management in the EU: Cooperation and Delegation between European States and International Organizations
  • Sydnee Wagner (English)
    The Figure of the Gyspy in Early Modern Literature and Culture
  • Fabio Battista (Comparative Literature)
    Cultural Translation in Early Modern Italy: Fiction and English Affairs, 1590-1690

Panel Session II


5. The Politics of Family, Caregiving, and Reproduction

Chair: Colette Daiute (Psychology) Room: C201

  • Lisa Jahn (Anthropology)
    From Reproducers of Poverty to Global Markets: Gestational Surrogacy in Puerto Rico
  • Sofia Oviedo (Social Welfare)
    Exploring Narratives of Adolescent-to-Parent Abuse
  • Peter Yu (Psychology)
    Genetic and Socioeconomic Determinants of Work-Family Conflict and Work-Family Enrichment
  • Abigail Kolker (Sociology)
    Exclusion, Exploitation, and Resistance: A Comparative Study of Filipino Caregivers in New York and Tel Aviv
  • Nicole Zeftel (Comparative Literature)
    Sickly Sentimentalism: Nineteenth-Century Women’s Dime Novels and Emotional Reading

6. Who Leads the Movement?

Chair: Duncan Faherty (English)   Room: C203

  • James Andrew Sevitt (Psychology)
    Rethinking Political Practices and Subjectivities within the Crisis of Liberal Capitalist Democracy
  • Jonathan Thayer (History)
    Merchant Seamen and the Parameters of Involuntary Servitude: The Arago Deserters and the United States Supreme Court, 1895-1897
  • Bin Ma (Management/Business)
    The Dark Side of Charismatic Leadership: Examining the Impact of a Leader’s Narcissim and Machiavellianism on Leader-Follower Trust Asymmetry
  • Sarah Molinari (Anthropology)
    Island Crisis: Puerto Rico’s Debt Politics and Emerging Movements
  • Alisa Wade (History)
    An Alliance of Ladies: Power, Public Affairs, and Gendered Constructions of the Upper Class in Early National New York City

7. Trans/Queer Intimacies

Chair: Polly Thistlethwaite (Library)        Room: C205

  • Jaime Coan (English)
    Crucial Circulations: Alternative Periodicals/ Alternative Histories of the AIDS Crisis
  • Benjamin Adam (Sociology)
    Research in the John Preston Papers: Pornography and Media Archeology
  • Melina Moore (English)
    Trans Life Writing from the 18th Century to Present: Genres in Transition
  • Thomas Muzart (French)
    Writing from/beyond the Margins: The Intersection of Homosexuality, Travel and Political Activism from 1900 to Today

Panel Session III


8. What’s Just?: Criminality, Policing and Punishment

Chair: Donald Robotham (Anthropology)      Room: C201

  • Sean Kennedy (English)
    Elaborating the South African State-Media-NGO Nexus on Crime
  • Guarav Jashnani (Psychology)
    Black on White: African-American Articulations of Whiteness,Racism and Fear of Crime
  • Hollis Kegg (Criminal Justice)
    Addressing an Important Financial Intelligence Gap: Bearer Negotiable Instruments
  • Nicholas Pehlman (Political Science)
    The Dialectic of Police Reform in Ukraine: Reforming Police in Transition and Crisis

9. Collectivities in the Making

Chair: Anthony Alessandrini (Middle Eastern Studies)      Room: C203

  • Ana Perry (Art History)
    Cycles of Destruction and Construction: Rafael Montañez Ortiz, Activism, and Alternative Spaces in New York, 1957-1990s
  • Cecilia Salvi (Anthropology)
    Circuits of “Recuperación” in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Elizabeth Hawley (Art History)
    “Imaging the Indian, Imagining the Indian: Modern Art and Native Tradition in Santa Fe, 1909-1931”
  • Jessie Fredlund (Anthropology)
    Rainmaking, Ancestors and Rights to the Land in the Political History of Uluguru, Tanzania
  • Gillian Sneed (Art History)
    Gendered Subjectivity and Resistance: Brazilian Film and Video Performance Art of the 1970s and 1980s

10. Human Rights, Sovereignty, and the Law

Chair: Hester Eisenstein (English)    Room: C205

  • Parfait Kouacou (French)
    Reading Children Rights through West African Oral Traditions
  • Lynne Stillings (Ethnomusicology)
    Children’s Music and Non-Governmental Organizations in Senegal
  • Benjamin Hellwege (History)
    When Old Age Changed: Inventing the “Senior State,” 1945-1980
  • Sumru Atuk (Political Science)
    A Crime that “Makes Sense” to Commit: Political, Social and Legal Justifications of Femicide in Turkey and Mexico

Panel Session IV


11. Home, Displacement, Diaspora

Chair: Gracie Davie (History)    Room: C201

  • Alice Walkiewicz (Art History)
    “The American Dream-turned-Nightmare: U.S. Seamstresses at the Turn of the Century.”
  • Deshonay Dozier (Psychology)
    A Blues Geography: Mapping the Contested Development in Skid Row and South Los Angeles
  • China Sajadian (Anthropology)
    From Migrants to Refugees: Agrarian Transformations and Labor Conditions in the Syrian-Lebanese Borderlands
  • Miriam Liebman (History)
    Wives, Diplomacy, and Parlors: American Women in Paris and London in the Early American Republic

12. Idioms of Power

Chair: Mark McBeth  (English)  Room: C203

  • Carolina Chaves-O’Flynn (HLBLL)
    Launguage and Violence(s) in Colombia (Lengua y violencia(s) en Colombia)
  • Amelia Greene (English)
    Pragmatic Fantasies: American Pragmatism in the Speculative Writing of Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Danielle Ronkos (Linguistics)
    Language Contact and Tone in Nepal
  • Talia Shalev (English)
    Words Are Found Responsible: Apostrophe and Jurisdiction in North American Times
  • Michelle Morales (Linguistics)
    Using Prosody and Syntax to Automatically Detect Depression from Speech

13. The Craft(ing) of Transnational Aesthetics

Chair: David Joselit  (Art History)  Room: C205

  • Cristina Perez Diaz (Classics)
    De-localizing José Watanabe’s Antígona: A Case Study on the Theory of Reception of Ancient Greek Drama
  • Mohamad Prasad (Theatre)
    Historiography of the Body and Corporeality in Indonesian Theatre: The Search for Decolonial Aesthetics
  • Chelsea Haines (Art History)
    Staging the Modern, Building the Nation: Exhibiting Israel, 1948–1965
  • Maria Soledad Marambio (HLBLL)
    The Introduction of Spanish American Poets in the US: The Transnational Intellectual Network that Spread the Word
  • Alex Wermer-Colan (English)
    Cutting Up the Ugly American: Avant-Garde Collage during the Vietnam War

13. (Re)Visions of Cityscapes

Chair: Claire Bishop (Art History)  Room: C197

  • Mya Dosch (Art History)
    1968 in 2008: Participatory Art and Nostalgia in Mexico City
  • Cihan Tekay (Anthropology)
    Electrifying the Nation-State: Generating Citizens in Turkey’s Early Republican Era (1923-1950)
  • Caroline Gillaspie (Art History)
  • Danielle Stewart (Art History)

About the Author

Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz is an Assistant Professor and Head of Reference at the Graduate Center Library.