New Data Resource: TRACFed

The Mina Rees Library is pleased to announce that we have acquired TRACFed, a source of information about the US federal government that provides our researchers, educators, and students with a comprehensive collection of federal data, information primarily obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

TRACFed, an organization associated with Syracuse University, is a powerful platform that offers detailed data and analysis on a wide range of topics, including government enforcement activities, staffing, and spending. One of the most significant benefits of TRACFed is its ability to provide users with customized reports. Researchers and students can generate detailed reports and visualizations tailored to their specific research interests, enabling them to quickly find the information they need to inform their work.

The platform covers a broad range of federal government agencies, including the FBI, IRS, ATF, and immigration authorities. TRACFed provides information on criminal and civil enforcement actions, arrests, prosecutions, convictions, and sentences. It also offers information on administrative enforcement actions and staffing, including employee demographics, pay scales, and job titles (read more about what’s included in their data warehouse).

We believe that TRACFed will be an invaluable resource for our academic community, providing access to detailed federal data and analysis that will inform research and teaching across a wide range of disciplines. To access TRACFed, simply go to and click on the ‘databases’ tab, and select TRACFed. We look forward to seeing the insights that our users will gain from TRACFed’s comprehensive and customizable data tools.

About the Author

Stephen Zweibel is Digital Scholarship Librarian at The Graduate Center.