Requesting Interlibrary Loans With DOIs

When you make an interlibrary loan request, the more information you can provide, the more quickly your request can be filled. Often, you can populate our web form automatically by making your ILL request via WorldCat or other databases. Now you can both auto-complete the request form and search for an immediately available open access version of a resource by using a number that you have probably seen on many articles and in many citations: the digital object identifier, or DOI.

By using DOIs—permanent identification numbers that connect you to an information resource—you can more easily search for articles.

So, if you have a list of citations with DOIs (or PMIDs, PubMed IDs) for articles—or the DOI for a single article—our interlibrary loan article request form now starts with a field where you can cut and paste these numbers. Look for this option at the top of the request form.

If there is an immediately available open access version of the article, then you can click “View Open Access Version” to see it.

Or, if there is none, or if the version you find is not what you need (for example, if it’s a pre-print but you need the published version) then the citation fields will get autofilled and you can request it via ILL by clicking on “Submit”.

If you have any questions about interlibrary loan services,

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About the Author

Beth Posner is the Head of Library Resource Sharing at The CUNY Graduate Center Library.