SciFinder Updates

Updates: New Name and Account Required

SciFinder recently changed its name to CAS SciFinder-n, but you can still find it in the same place on the library’s A-Z Databases list. CAS SciFinder-n has all of the same content and functionality as its predecessor with some added features, including a new interface, an updated search algorithm, and better mobile compatibility. MIT has a helpful guide outlining some of the differences between SciFinder classic and the new SciFinder-n interface.

Account Required

Please note that if you are off-campus, you will need to use the library’s link on the A-Z Databases list to access CAS SciFinder-n. You will be prompted to log into the GC proxy first, and again to sign into your SciFinder account, which must use a or email address.

Are you new to SciFinder? Use the library’s registration link (also on the A-Z) to create. a new account.

Already have a SciFinder account? Make sure it uses your Graduate Center email address; if you have an account that uses another school’s email, create a new account with the GC email.

One more tip: you can save a bookmark for SciFinder in your browser. The library recommends using our dynamic “friendly URL” for the SciFinder database, which can be obtained from the A-Z by clicking on the share icon:


If you have trouble logging into SciFinder, please contact the library for help!  CAS also offers help with your account and password and can be contact at

About the Author

Adriana Palmer works in the Collections Department at the GC Library.