A Semester in Review | Opportunities at the Mina Rees Library

Along with a close review of Fall 2020, we’d like to recap the many opportunities for you to interact with the Mina Rees Library in Spring 2021 (and beyond). Consider our personalized instruction sessions; extensive array of electronic resources, eBooks, as well as additional materials via InterLibrary Loan; in-depth guidance about research metrics, Open Access publishing, Open Educational Resources, data analytics – and so much more!  Feel free to be in touch anytime – via our live 24/7 chat service, by email, or to set up a one-on-one consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Mina Rees Library hosted 60 unique events during the Fall 2020 semester, including:    Scholarly Communications Series: In-depth guidance about Open Access, citation metrics, authorship/publication rights, and more!               Science Research Workshops: STEM-focused research, Web of Science, etc. Mina Rees Conversation Series: Featured speakers included Alison Macrina (Library Freedom Project), Melissa Gasporotto (NYPL), Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis (Classics). Expanded Collections included: - Over 500 new eBooks added for Fall and Spring semester courses   - Through HathiTrust’s Emergency Temporary Access Services and Internet Archive’s Controlled Digital Lending program, access to thousands of additional eBooks  - More than 335,000 full text downloads of journal articles or book chapters from electronic resources/collections in Fall 2020. InterLibrary Loan borrowed from Spain, Italy, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey,  Republic of Georgia, United Kingdom, Canada,  Germany, and Greece.  Course Instruction Library faculty taught over 30 class sessions, plus 83 individualized consultations with Graduate Center students. Ask a Librarian 24/7 Service: Graduate Center community members asked 654 questions via chat reference between August 2020-January 2021. Course Reserves 334 Ebooks placed on Course Reserve in Fall 2020, based on requests from 57 faculty members. Ebook Detective Service: Over 400 Ebook requests fielded, from patrons seeking an accessible electronic version.

About the Author

Elvis Bakaitis is currently the Head of Reference at the Mina Rees Library. They're also proud to serve on the University LGBTQ Council, and as a board member of CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies.