Scholarly Communication Essentials: Workshop Series

Scholarly Communication Workshop Series logoThis spring, the Mina Rees Library is again offering a slate of workshops on scholarly communication topics. The workshops are clustered into two series: Scholarly Communication Essentials (in the first half of the semester) and Contracts & Copyright (in the second half). The Scholarly Communication Essentials offerings are listed below, along with a few honorary members of the series.

Each workshop stands on its own—there is no need to attend one in order to attend another. Sign up for whichever ones address your needs or interests! (If you can’t make a workshop that interests you, contact ahead of time to request that the session be recorded. Alternatively, you can request a one-on-one consultation on that topic.)

  1. Public and Open Access Mandates from Funders (Fri 2/5 @ 12pm): This webinar (offered by CUNY’s Office of Research and Office of Library Services) will support researchers to comply with public and open access mandates from federal and private funders, addressing the fundamentals of open access, key issues to include in grant proposals, and tools to support compliance. Read more and register…
  2. Citations To and Citations From: Following the Scholarly Conversation (Thu 2/11 @ 3pm): How do researchers put their publications and other works in scholarly context – how do they make clear whose work they’re building on and whose work is related to theirs? Read more and register…
  3. Research Metrics: What They Mean and What They Don’t (Thu 2/25 @ 2pm): How important is a certain article? How influential is a certain scholar? How good is a certain journal? There is widespread interest in, and reliance on, research metrics that attempt to answer these qualitative questions with simple numbers. Read more and register…
  4. Fake Journals and Conferences: What to Know about the Faux (Thu 3/11 @ 2pm): As a researcher, you are eager to publish your work in journals and present at conferences. But don’t let your eagerness allow you to be fooled by fake (often called “predatory”) journals or conferences. Read more and register… (Can’t make this time? A similar workshop is being offered Mon 4/19 @ 11am. This workshop is part of the library’s Science Research Workshop Series but is open to all.)
  5. Open Access Explained: Best Practices for Finding Others’ Research and Publicly Sharing Yours (Thu 3/18 @ 2pm): In this workshop, we will share tips for finding open access versions of articles and introduce a range of options for making your own scholarly work open access. Read more and register… (Can’t make this time? A similar workshop is being offered Mon 3/22 @ 2pm. This workshop is part of the library’s Science Research Workshop series but is open to all.)

Stay tuned for details about the Contracts & Copyright series. It will include workshops on journal contracts, book contracts, copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons licenses.

Publication Cycle image by University of Winnipeg Library, used under CC BY / annotations removed from original.

About the Author

Jill Cirasella is the Associate Librarian for Scholarly Communication at the CUNY Graduate Center.