Mina Rees Library Scholarship | Part II

The Mina Rees Library is truly abuzz with scholarly activity. As in our previous post, we’re taking a close look at the wide-ranging achievements of Graduate Center librarians. 

Beth Posner (Head of Library Resource Sharing) was recently the author of two articles – “Reciprocal On-Site Access: Sharing Information by Sharing Library Spaces,” published in the Journal of Library Administration, and “Insights from Library Information and Resource Sharing for the Future of Academic Library Collections.” Luckily both of these are uploaded to the institutional repository, CUNY Academic Works, so we can add them to our summer reading lists! 

And last July, Mason Brown (Science Resources Librarian) co-authored the article “Shifting the balance of power: Asking questions about the Comics-Questions Curriculum” (again, since In the Library with the Lead Pipe is an open access journal, we can immediately take a look). He followed up with an invited presentation at Yeshiva University in January 2020: “Action-Packed Action Research: How Comic Books, Questions and Reflection Can Transform IL Instruction.” Great titles, Mason! 

Brown is also working on a project that seeks to identify the unique needs of a satellite library that is also an advanced research lab, and how to develop strategies to ensure that the needs of its users are met.

Steve Zweibel (Data & Digital Projects Librarian) recently published “Scraping BePress: Downloading Dissertations for Preservation” in The Code4Lib Journal. Zweibel shared a bit of context: “This articles describes our process developing a script to automate downloading of documents and secondary materials from our library’s BePress repository. Our objective was to collect the full archive of dissertations and associated files from our repository into a local disk for potential future applications and to build out a preservation system.” 

Mike Handis (Collection Management Specialist and Associate Professor), recently had an article accepted for publication, focusing on libraries of the ancient world: “Pantainos and His Unique, Ancient Library,” in the journal Libraries: Culture, History, and Society. He has also recently written about “Greek Subject and Name Authorities, and the Library of Congress,” in Cataloging and Classification Quarterly (v. 58, no. 2, 2020). Mike will also be featured in an upcoming Mina Rees Conversation Series, with Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis, in conversation her forthcoming book, “Antiquity in Gotham: Ancient Architecture in New York” (Fordham University Press, 2021).

And finally, Kate Angell (Adjunct Reference Librarian) recently published on the topic of “Mapping the Information Literacy Skill Sets and Professional Standards of Upper-Division Nursing Students onto a Collectively Developed Rubric.” She also contributed an article to the journal Collaborative Librarianship, “An Exploration of Academic Librarian Positions Dedicated to Serving First Year College Students.” In addition, Kate is currently working on a book chapter about the recent OA/OER library exhibit for ACRL’s Scholarly Communications Cookbook ​and a research project investigating moral distress among consumer health information professionals with Robin O’Hanlon and Samantha Walsh. 

We look forward to sharing more updates in another post soon!

About the Author

Elvis Bakaitis is currently the Head of Reference at the Mina Rees Library. They're also proud to serve on the University LGBTQ Council, and as a board member of CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies.