CUNY 2020 Construction Update

Construction on the CUNY 2020 Center for Digital Scholarship and Data Visualization project has begun.

Contractors will be closing off the concourse level of the library by erecting barriers to contain dust and noise. The bathrooms on the C-level will be closed. Patrons should use the bathrooms on the second floor of the library.

In the next few weeks, the first major phrase ā€” demolition ā€” will begin. It will be done during off-hours, from 1am-9am each night. Debris will be removed each morning through the GCā€™s loading docks on 35th Street. There may be limited work and noise during the daytime hours.

Following the demolition work, construction will begin in April and May. Contractors will make every effort to minimize noise and disruption, but some noise will be unavoidable. We believe that the second floor of the library will be reasonably quiet and will also try to identify alternative work spaces for students.

Should students experience discomfort of any kind, or want to leave comments about the process, please write to and cc Matthew K. Gold The construction process as a whole is estimated to take about a year to complete, with the opening of the new Center for Digital Scholarship and Data Visualization in April 2021.

For continued updates on the project, please see the CUNY 2020 website (, which contains construction plans, descriptions of the new spaces that will be built, and answers to frequently asked questions.

About the Author

Stephen Zweibel is Digital Scholarship Librarian at The Graduate Center.