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You may have heard the news or a passing reference that the Graduate Center has accepted its first born digital dissertation,   but might be wondering what that actually means? Especially since all dissertations start off as some sort of word-processing document and end up as PDFs, both digital formats, in CUNY Academic Works.   What was unique about this particular event, Jesse Merandy’s deposit, is that the core of his deposit was a virtual reality game and accompanying website.

Vanishing Leaves


Yes, if your committee supports this type of submission, the the Graduate Center Library is able to support archiving it.  In the specific case of Jesse Merandy’s “Vanishing Leaves” project, the library helped Jesse archive the back-end software, databases, websites and supporting documentation (whitepaper, readme and video). In fact, despite  Jesse being the first to deposit a fully born digital project, the library has for years been supporting digital components for dissertations and theses. Here is a sampling of what students have recently submitted.


CUNY Academic Works Digital Dissertations and Capstones

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