Explore Survey Data with New Database: Roper Center Archives

The Roper Center Archives consist of over 23,000 datasets from public opinion surveys dating back to the 1930’s. Around 60% of these were conducted in the U.S., and they cover variety of topics including elections and politics, social issues, finances and the economy, education, health, international affairs, social movements and change, and historical events. National and state-level datasets are available.

Nearly 8,000 international studies from over 100 countries around the world are also available, including some unique collections from Germany and France.

Roper Center Archives includes:

  • iPoll (a.k.a. RoperiPOLL): “one-stop” searching for opinion polling question data.
  • RoperExplorer: online data analysis on select datasets – go directly to RoperE xplorer, or perform a search in iPoll and click on the RoperExplorer icon next to your search result.
  • RoperExpress: unlimited on demand access to the datasets in the Roper Center
    collections that are downloadable in ASCII or SPSS portable file formats.

Creating a free personal account is required to access the full range of resources and features within the Graduate Center’s subscription: this includes accessing datasets, creating crosstabs in RoperExplorer, and downloading up to 500 questions from iPoll.

See the A-Z Databases list for more information.


Image credit: Flower of DemocracyPhoto by Mike Knell, used under a CC BY-SA license.

About the Author

Adriana Palmer works in the Collections Department at the GC Library.