CUNY Libraries Offer Free Access to The Wall Street Journal

We are happy to announce that CUNY now offers a free membership to The Wall Street Journal via a CUNY-wide academic pass. Much like the New York Times Academic Pass, anyone with a valid CUNY email address can register to have free access to and use the Wall Street Journal app.

Wall Street Journal image

How to Register for Your Wall Street Journal Pass:

  1. Click here to register.
  2. Complete the form with your personal information, using your CUNY email address
  3. Then enjoy full access the Wall Street Journal at or access via WSJ apps

Smartphone Apps: Your Academic Pass includes access to the WSJ smartphone apps (use your CUNY email and the password you chose when you registered). Also, once you have registered your membership, you can access on most web-capable devices.

Ongoing Use:

  • Faculty and Staff Membership: All professors & staff retain WSJ pass for one year after activating. After that, they will have to re-activate their membership.
  • Student Membership: When a student activates their membership, they are required to input their graduation date & year. This is their membership expiration date. If they graduate later than expected and lose access, they can re-activate their membership.

Cancelling a Personal Subscription: Call 1-800-JOURNAL (1-800-568-7625) to switch from a paid membership to a CUNY membership (and for a refund of your remaining balance).

Please take advantage of this fantastic offer, and spread the word among your CUNY colleagues! If you have questions, contact the Graduate Center Library at 212-817-7077 or via chat.

About the Author

Alycia Sellie is the Associate Librarian for Collections at the Graduate Center Library.