HathiTrust Digital Library @ the GC

Six million volumes from the HathiTrust Digital Library are now available for PDF download by Graduate Center affiliates. Downloadable titles include books and journals published in the US before 1923, works published outside the US before 1878, US federal government documents, and Creative Commons licensed open works. Anyone can search HathiTrust’s 16 million volumes and find documents that open in the HathiTrust text viewer, but only users with institutional affiliation can download PDFs. Login with GC network credentials when prompted, from both on and off the GC campus.

HathiTrust full view titles are also indexed in OneSearch and WorldCat. The HathiTrust search engine, linked from the GC Library home page and the Databases A-Z list, generates best results. The entire HathiTrust corpus is full text searchable and rich with metadata for analysis and manipulation. Watch this blog for upcoming HathiTrust data mining workshops.

HathiTrust was formed in 2008 by library partners of the Google Books scanning project that pooled their digitized copies for academic use. In 2011 the HathiTrust Partner Community opened to any library member for an annual fee plus the costs of Shibboleth authentication via the InCommon Federation.

About the Author

Prof. Polly Thistlethwaite is CUNY's Interim University Dean for Library Services.