CLACLS Latino Data Reports in CUNY Academic Works

The GC Library is pleased to announce the arrival of the Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies’ Latino Data series in the CUNY Academic Works open access repository. The 65 reports in the series are posted to gain maximum exposure to the widest public readership, with Google Scholar-friendly metadata attached. They focus on reliable data that describe the experience of Latinos in the United States, with a special focus on Latinos in New York City. The reports cover a wide range of topics, including voter participation, migration patterns, income and employment, educational attainment, parenthood and more, and they are all free to access and download from Academic Works.

Founded in 2003, the Latino Data Project has produced over 75 reports with a special focus on Latinos in New York City. Laird Bergad, distinguished professor at Lehman College and founder of CLACLS and the Latino Data Project says, “The need is clear: until now there has been no central and easily accessible repository of information on the Latino population of New York City and the metropolitan area for the general public. Making these reports widely available to everyone is an important step toward providing more useful insight into the diversity of the Latino experience.”

The reports are beautifully crafted, well-researched and data-rich, so they will be important to researchers, students, journalists or anyone anywhere in the world who is looking for reliable data on Latinos. A Google Scholar search on ‘Latino data’ produces a CLACLS report high in the results relevancy ranking. Making scholarly work easily discoverable by readers outside academia is crucial to the influence and impact the work can have. Powerful work like this has to be widely and openly accessible to make a difference.

Thanks to the GC’s Office of Communications and Marketing for crafting a press release about the reports posted by CLACLS in collaboration with the Graduate Center Mina Rees Library.


About the Author

Prof. Polly Thistlethwaite is CUNY's Interim University Dean for Library Services.