Washington Post Offers Free Access to Those With .edu Email

UPDATE 10/27/2017: The Washington Post no longer offers free access to everyone who has a .edu email account. That program seems to have been replaced with a low-cost academic subscription offer. Learn more here.

The Washington Post allows for free access to its website to everyone who has a .edu email account. That includes students, faculty and staff of the Graduate Center! From the Washington Post Help Pages:

How do I activate my .edu free subscription?

1. Go to washingtonpost.com

2. Click on Sign In to your Profile at the top right of the home page (www.washingtonpost.com/profile)

3. Create an account with your GC email address.

4. Once you’ve registered/signed in, you will be directed to your Washington Post Profile.  If you are not automatically redirected to your profile after you’ve signed in, click your username at the top of the page and choose “Profile.”

5. Once you are in your profile, go to the My Subscriptions tab and follow the instructions on how to get a free subscription with your valid email address. Do not go through the “Verify email address process” on the My Account Settings tab for free access. You must go through the process on the My Subscriptions Tab.

After you have set up your subscription you can log in with your email address and password on the Washington Post web sites and apps for unlimited content access.

About the Author

Stephen Zweibel is Digital Scholarship Librarian at The Graduate Center.