Open Access Research Guide

“An Open Book” by Jeremy Brooks, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License.

Check out our newly updated Open Access research guide to learn the ins and outs of OA publishing and how it relates to your dissertation and other scholarship.  As you may already be aware, open access publishing is web accessible, free of charge, and free from most licensing restrictions.  The new guide contains links to clear and concise introductions to OA along with articles and slides outlining the rationale behind it.

The OA research guide will help you identify open access journals, book publishers, and repositories like CUNY Academic Works, and make use of tools for deciphering whether or not a publisher or funding agency supports open access.

The guide also contains information on authors’ rights, including copyright, Creative Commons licenses, and legal instruments you can use to modify publisher agreements so you retain key rights to your work.

The new Open Access guide is one of more than 70 research guides created by GC librarians to help you streamline your research.

About the Author

Donna Davey is an Adjunct Reference and Scholarly Communication Librarian at the Graduate Center Library.