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We invite you to join us at the library for our upcoming workshops and events.
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Researching Publishing Opportunities for Beginners
October 5th, 1-3PM
October 6th, 6:30-8:30PM
Room C196.05


This workshop will overview the industry of academic publishing by highlighting keywords commonly used and its associations. Participants will uncover, overview, and define the scope of their own research and research networks and detail how this may reveal prospective publishing opportunities. Participants will walk away with key journals to target to begin their process for submitting.

Eventbrite - Researching Publishing Opportunities for Beginners

(Radical) Keywords for (Reference) Librarianship
October 17th, 6-8PM
Room C198

This year AK Press published Keywords for Radicals: The Contested Vocabulary of Late-Capitalist Struggle, exploring the some of the language that shapes & informs our political & socioeconomic landscape. We have invited the authors of Keywords entries & librarians to engage in conversation on select keywords and to consider how they apply to reference service specifically, but also to librarianship, research, collaborative teaching & social justice within the library more generally. Join this participatory community dialogue as we investigate how radical keywords shape our work and our teaching. Open to librarians, students, educators, archivists, activists, and wider publics.

A collaboration of METRO’s Reference & Social Justice Special Interest Groups.

Research for MALS Students (Reprise)
October 20, 6:30-8:30PM
Room C196.05

In this workshop we will discuss research at a graduate level. Topics to be covered include:original

  • How to search for resources
  • Choosing a topic
  • Evaluating sources
  • Avoiding plagiarism
  • Paper formatting

Attendees will come away with strategies for taking their research to the next level.
Eventbrite - Research for MALS Students (Reprise)  


Graphic Activism Panel: Lesbian Posters & Zines 1970-today
October 27, 6:30-8:30PM
Concourse Level – C197

Blackburn poster image

Accompanying this exhibit of original activist posters from the Lesbian Herstory Archives currently at the Graduate Center Library, this panel will discuss posters, newsletters, and zines from the largest collection of lesbian materials in the world. Beginning with the 1970s, and including contributions from the Archives’ community of coordinators, volunteers and interns, Graphic Activism spans 50 years of lesbian activism, radical archiving, and recognizes lives and issues that have historically been ignored.


Your Google Scholar Profile: Why to Create It and How to Fine-tune It
November 10th, 6:30-8:30PM
Room C196.03


You’re probably familiar with using Google Scholar to search for scholarly literature. But did you know Google Scholar also includes researcher profiles, which researchers themselves can edit and enhance? Come learn how to claim your researcher profile, make your entries as correct and complete as possible, and interpret the citation metrics it provides. We’ll also show you how to enrich your profile with links to the full text of your scholarly works. (Spoiler: You can add items in CUNY Academic Works to your profile!)

Led by Jill Cirasella, Associate Librarian for Public Services and Scholarly Communication, and Adriana Palmer, E-Resources and Institutional Repository Librarian.

Eventbrite - Your Google Scholar Profile: Why to Create It and How to Fine-tune It

Grant Budgeting 101
November 15th, 2-4PM Room C196.05


You’ve started writing a grant proposal and discovered you can make the pitch, but when you get to the budget form you freeze. Budgeting is an essential piece of grant-writing that is often ignored or left to the last minute, resulting in a “less than competitive” application. In some ways, the project budget and justification can be as important as the proposal narrative itself. In this workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of writing a proposal budget, including:

  • The budget’s basic components
  • How to estimate costs realistically
  • How to determine which costs are allowable (or not)
  • What other financial documents you may need to submit

Edith Gonzalez, Executive Director of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, will lead the discussion.

Eventbrite - Grants 101

About the Author

Wanett Clyde is the Adjunct Reference and Digital Outreach Librarian. She is also a student in the MALS program.