Renew or Sign Up for Free Access to New York Times

laptop-iphone-nyt-940x654The Graduate Center Library, along with our fellow CUNY libraries, offers everyone with a valid CUNY email address the opportunity to sign up for free access to the website and smartphone apps. This NYTimes Academic Pass was first available to us about a year ago, and registration only lasts one year — but it can be renewed!

So, starting now, and throughout the year, as people who have signed up reach their one-year anniversary, their passes will expire, and they will start seeing the article counter again. Then, after accessing 10 articles, they will be prompted to subscribe or log in. When this happens to you, just go to and sign in as an existing subscriber to enjoy another free year of access to the digital New York Times.

For more information on this program, including restrictions and other ways to access the New York Times, please see our original post about the Academic Pass program.

About the Author

Beth Posner is the Head of Library Resource Sharing at The CUNY Graduate Center Library.