Help fund the Library through Amazon

Do you use for purchases of books and products?Amazon logo
If you do you, this is a great opportunity to help support the Graduate Center Library!

For every purchase made through the GC Library’s Amazon link, located on the library website, you can help fund the Library. Through a program called Amazon Associates, the GC Library earns anywhere from 4% to 8.5% on nearly all purchases.

As an example, if you ordered the book HyperCities: Thick Mapping in the Digital Humanities, the Library will receive 7% of the purchase price or about $1.25. That might not seem like much but it adds up! 

Ordering books or eBooks through Amazon for the new semester?
We would like to encourage you to purchase through the Amazon logo on the GC Library’s website.  But your purchase doesn’t have to be only books! The Library earns a percentage from nearly anything purchased, including electronic products, Amazon Instant Video, MP3 downloads, DVDs, video games, apparel, health & beauty products, household items, pet supplies, sports equipment, tools, gift cards and more. The best part is there are no additional costs added to the purchase price.

A percentage earned from your purchase goes directly to the Library which benefits the students, faculty and staff.

Support the Library - front page

You can get to our Amazon Associates page by either clicking on the Amazon logo on the the Library’s website or the Support the Library link at the bottom of the Library’s website, which will take you to our Donations and Gifts page.


Donations and Gifts

When you get to Amazon, you will see gccunyvirtualboo appear as part of the Amazon web address. Then just order as usual.

The Graduate Center Library truly appreciates your support.

About the Author

Melissa Longhi is the Serials and Reserve Acquisitions Manager at the CUNY Graduate Center Library.