New Library Service: Equipment Loans

The Graduate Center Library has taken over the equipment loan service previously provided by the IT Help Desk. We now lend these items at the Circulation Desk (first floor):

  • 6 MacBook Pros
  • 2 HP netbooks
  • 10 TASCAM audio recorders
  • 4 Logitech webcams
  • 4 Logitech wireless presenters (i.e., pointer/clickers)

Because these devices were purchased with Student Tech Fee funds, only currently enrolled Graduate Center students and Graduate Center alumni may borrow them. The terms of the loans are as follows:

  • Loan periods: The initial loan period is one week. You may renew the loan up to three times, provided the device has not been recalled.
  • Equipment Returns: You must return the device to a library staff member at the Graduate Center Library Circulation Desk. You may not return it in a book drop or at another CUNY library.
  • Late/Recall Fines: If you do not return the device on time, you will be charged an overdue fine of $0.25 per day. If the device has been recalled, the fine increases to $1.00 per day.
  • Fees for Loss and Damage: If the device is lost or damaged, you may be charged a fee up to the replacement cost of the item. To avoid such problems, never leave the device unattended, and do not eat or drink near the device.
  • Acceptable Behavior: You pledge not to engage in illegal activities with the device.
  • File Deletion: It is your responsibility to delete your files from the device before returning it. The library is not responsible for any undeleted files. If you do not delete your files, subsequent borrowers may read and copy the files.
  • Library Blocks: If you do not pay your fines or fees, you will be blocked from checking out other library materials, registering for courses, and graduating. If you fail to abide by the other terms of this agreement, you may be blocked from borrowing laptops or other devices in the future.

About the Author

Jill Cirasella is the Scholarly Communication Librarian and University Liaison at the CUNY Graduate Center.