Interlibrary Loan: News You Can Use


Scan and Deliver

  • Since last summer, the library is providing a new service to GC Library users, Scan and Deliver. Should you need an article or book chapter that the library owns in print form, rather than having to come to the library to make a copy of it, we will scan it for you. Just make an interlibrary loan (ILL) request and we will send you a link ASAP! (To speed the process up, you can also add a note that it is available here in the ILL request.)


  • CUNY Grad Center Library users have access to millions of books at other CUNY libraries through CLICS using CUNY+ or OneSearch. (Here’s how.) However, if you don’t find what you need at CUNY, or cannot get what you need through CLICS for any reason, then please use ILL! (With ILL, you can request books that are not available or non-circulating at CUNY, or media, articles, book chapters, and more. If we have an item at CUNY but you can’t get it for any reason, please let us know in the Notes field of your ILL request.)

Tell a Friend!

  • We have thousands of registered ILL users, and we want more! Please tell your GC colleagues about ILL and Scan and Deliver. While we cannot always get everything you may need, it’s always worth a try.  You can get articles, sometimes in mere hours, material from around the country and the world, help with citations and referrals, and much, much more. For any questions, any time, please email us at

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