Journal Search Link Cleanup in Progress

UPDATE: as of July 30, these issues should be repaired. Please do report bugs to us if you find them, but our Journal Title Search should now be updated.


We recently went through an upgrade of the CUNY catalog that is shared by all CUNY libraries. Through this process, links to items in the earlier version of our catalog no longer work. One place where you might find a broken link is our Journal Title Search.

Normally when you do a search here for a particular journal, you can find links to both electronic holdings, and, if we have a journal in print, to our “Graduate Center Print Holdings:”

gc print issueBut because of our catalog link glitch, these links to our GC holdings are not working right now–sorry!

Never fear, since this information is still up to date and available in the CUNY catalog. Right now it will just take opening up another tab or an doing an extra search directly in the catalog to find out what we have on our shelves, instead of linking directly from the Journal search.

We will be working speedily to update these links (there are over 2100 that will need attention!). Bear with us for now and check with your librarian if you have questions about any changes you see in our catalog.


About the Author

Alycia Sellie is the Associate Librarian for Collections at the Graduate Center Library.