Center for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments Archive

Professor Allan Atlas

Allan W. Atlas,
 a Distinguished Professor of Music at the Graduate Center, author of “Renaissance Music: music in Western Europe 1400-1600” (1998), and Director of The Center for the Study of Free-Reed Instruments(CSFRI) that is part of the Brook Center, recently bequeathed the archive of the CSFRI to the Graduate Center Library Archive. The collection consists of  printed volumes,  CDs, periodicals, and research materials pertaining to free-reed instruments, particularly the accordion and the concertina.  

The collection also contains papers, publications, and a membership list of the International Concertina Association (ICA) ranging from 1983-1999. The ICA was founded over 40 years ago to promote the music and playing of the various forms of concertina.

Sheet Music from the Allen Atlas Collection

“Gems of Chopin Selections for the Concertina” by Chopin, Frederic & “Imitation of Bagpipes” by Shackleton, J. Howard from the CSFRI Archive

The collection was processed by Library Coordinator Jessica Fisher over the past month and is now available for researchers use in the Old York Library Reading Room (C-196.09) on the concourse level of the library. The books and CDs have been integrated into the library stacks and a complete list of the books and CDs that were donated is included in Box 1 of the collection. The finding aid will be available soon on the Graduate Center Library Website.



Serials from the CSFRI: The Free Reed Journal, Concertina & Sqeezebox, and Anche Libre.

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Jessica Fisher works in the Interlibrary Loan Office at the Graduate Center Library.