March 2014 E-Resources Summary: Additions and Trials

Hello Everyone: I’ve started collating all of our electronic resources news into one monthly blog post which can provide a bit more data on all of the things that have changed and updated concerning databases and electronic subscriptions in the GC Library. I hope that this is an easier way to keep up than through a series of brief posts or tweets throughout the month, but please let me know your preferences as readers and researchers.

Acquisitions: Three New Databases

All of these new acquisitions can be found on the A-Z database lists on our website.

Database Trials

We currently have a long list of trial databases, many of which have started this month. You can always see our full list of trial databases. For each of these items to be considered for purchase/subscription, we need your feedback! Please let us know how these resources would affect your research if they were to be added to our collections by filling out this form.

A few highlights from our current list of trials:

As always, get in touch if you have questions or comments about any of the changes listed here, and stay tuned for more updates about our resources.

About the Author

Alycia Sellie is the Associate Librarian for Collections at the Graduate Center Library.