Library Fines: Changes Take Effect Jan. 27, 2014

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Pay attention to that due date! Beginning January 27, 2014, all CUNY doctoral faculty, GC Retirees and faculty research assistants will be subject to fines for overdue library materials. This decision was made by the CUNY Board of Trustees at their June meeting in order to establish a uniform practice across the university. Previously, GC faculty and CUNY faculty teaching at the Graduate Center were exempt from GC Library fines.

What does this mean for the Graduate Center?

Return on time and avoid the fine. The due date for each item is printed on the receipt given at the circulation desk when you checkout. Books and other materials from any CUNY library may be renewed online by accessing the My Accounts page on the library’s website. Also, be sure to keep the email address associated with your library account current. The library sends reminders about due dates and recall notifications right to your inbox—but make sure it’s one you’ll check regularly.

Support longer library loan periods. Our Chief Librarian, Polly Thistlethwaite, has been advocating for longer library loan periods, pointing out that the “industry standard” for doctoral students and faculty at institutions across the city is 120 days, while CUNY’s policy is limited to 42 days. Consider signing the petition for longer loan periods, or contacting the CUNY Office of Library Services directly to support increased loan periods. Longer loans mean fewer renewals, and less chance for overdue fines.

Fines for overdue materials are currently set at 25¢ per day, and reserve items are set at $5.00 to $15.00 per hour (depending on the type of item). For more information on library fines, see our complete guide on the library’s website.

Image credit: Date Due by Calsidyrose on Flickr.


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