M&MMs – Melissa, Michael and Mike


There are so many staff transitions at the the Graduate Center library this semester that we’ve decided to feature them all in a single post, waving goodbye and hello to library faculty and staff as they move in and out of the building, into new adventures on the job or in their lives!


For one, our Serials Assistant, Melissa Longhi, is saying goodbye until the Spring semester, as she goes onto maternity leave. Although we will miss her, we are excited to see her move forward into this new journey. It is by Melissa’s desk that we keep the standing ladies pictured on the right — magnets that have been given as gifts to Melissa from librarians who have come and gone. They are all geographic/cultural representations of women from everyday life, with open eyes, watching the everyday moments of us here in the back rooms of the library.


Alongside Melissa’s departure is Dr. Michael Adams’s Fellowship Leave, during which he will research American genre films of the 1940s and 1950s. The subjects and departments that Dr. Adams acted as liaison for have been distributed among other faculty librarians and can be found on the subject librarian page of the Graduate Center library website.

mikeHReturning is Special Projects Librarian, Michael W. Handis (who usually goes by Mike), who is also the liaison for Classics. Mike is engaged in a project to reconcile GC print and electronic serial holdings in Worldcat. He has a background in cataloging.

Welcome back, Mike, and it won’t be too long before we celebrate the return of Melissa and Michael. Here’s to friendly waves goodbye and open arms!

About the Author

Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz is an Assistant Professor and Head of Reference at the Graduate Center Library.