Better Linking Between WorldCat & CUNY+


WorldCat discovery service is the default starting-point for many GC Library users because of the tremendous scope of its holdings and its ability to direct users to GC resources and to GC InterLibrary Loan. Over the summer, we improved the links between Worldcat and CUNY’s book records. WorldCat couldn’t construct a correct link back to CUNY+ because the 035 bibliographic MARC OCLC field in CUNY book records had many different formats (for example, some had “ocm” as a prefix and others did not). But in early August, the Office of Library Service cleaned up the 035 index field, standardizing the format. Now we can click on a record in WorldCat to be re-directed to the CUNY+ catalog, and link to the item in the CUNY catalog.



Click on a Record in WorldCat

Click on a Record in WorldCat




Availability at CUNY via CUNY+

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