Summer at Mina Rees Library

Summer is upon us.  Since the beginning of the rainy summer, many students have come into the library, not only for dry or air conditioned shelter, but to seek research support, and view audio-visual materials.  Faculty come into the library during the summer to place their books on reserve, and to collaborate with librarians to arrange for presentations or instruction for their Fall courses.

Wall staircaseAre you interested in applying for a fellowship, drafting a proposal, preparing to teach for the Fall semester? Whatever your summer research plans, alongside travel and vacation, plans to come into the library!

Research Appointments

For students: Subject librarians extend to students the opportunity to meet one-on-one in a confidential environment to discuss the research points needed to fulfill a project or paper.  These research appointments are chances for students to iron out their research needs and compare them with library resources.  At the library, there are hundreds of databases, thousands of journals, subscriptions to resources like citation managers, alongside consortia with the New York Public Library, Columbia, NYU, and metropolitan access to libraries across New York City.  Your librarian can assist your research needs and help steer you in the right direction.

For Faculty: Library Liaisons collaborate directly with faculty as embedded librarians.  This means one-on-one engagement of faculty librarians and teaching faculty, who together enhance the experience of a course with the creation of assignment tools, library instruction, or the overall incorporation of library resources for a particular course.  Arranging these appointments in the summer will allow for adequate time to direct library instruction to your syllabus, recommend books that should go on reserve for your course, and generally, meet with a librarian to discuss your research needs.

To schedule a research appointment, go to the Subject Librarian’s page and find your librarian, or complete this form.

Audio-Visual Equipment


Standard A/V equipment is available for you to view DVDs, tapes, CDs, VHS films, and Blu-ray technologies of your own, from the library’s collection, or those that you receive from Inter-Library Loan.  Summer is a good time to use the equipment while the flow of traffic is low.


Library Hours May 25th – August 27th
10am – 9pm        Mon – Fri
10am – 5pm        Saturdays
Closed                  Sundays

Research Appointments may be scheduled

9am – 6pm          Mon – Fri

The Reference Desk is open
10am – 6pm        Mon – Thu
10am – 5pm        Fri
Closed                  Sat and Sun

We look forward to seeing you at the GC library soon.

About the Author

Shawn(ta) Smith-Cruz is an Assistant Professor and Head of Reference at the Graduate Center Library.