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  • Polly Thistlethwaite

    Chief Librarian Thistlethwaite Departs for CUNY Central

    In March, after over 17 years of service at the CUNY Graduate Center, I will join the CUNY Office of Academic Affairs to head the Office of Library Services (OLS) as Interim University Dean for Library Services. In this new role, and in conjunction with […]

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  • Comics @ CUNY: Panel Convo, October 9

    Comics @ CUNY: Exploring the Role of Comic Books in Teaching and Research Date: Thursday, October 9, 10-11:30 AM Location: CUNY Graduate Center — Room C197 Registration link: In this panel, CUNY scholars and professors will discuss how they have utilized mainstream superhero comics […]

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  • Cuomo: Restore $2M NYPL – CUNY Library Funding

    Governor Cuomo’s 2014-2015 budget proposal cuts $4M library funding for New York State, a 4.7% cut from last year’s enacted budget. Cuts to NYPL-CUNY Library Funding directly impact CUNY graduate students and faculty. State funding for NYPL on behalf of CUNY has declined 17% since 2007, even while CUNY […]

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  • NYCT Library Responds to Extended Loan Proposal

    Are CUNY library books more valuable in scholars’ hands? Or are books more valuable on library shelves? This debate rages among CUNY librarians in response to a MALS, DSC, and Graduate Council Library Committee proposal to extend CUNY book loan periods for all borrowers to match those […]

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  • NYPL < — > CUNY GC Library

    The development of a permanent rapprochement between the Graduate School and the New York Public Library — with a long-range commitment of public funds under an agreement that would permit the university’s cooperation in the development of those NYPL policies that affect its research collections […]

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  • CLICS Books

    The Case for Longer CUNY Library Book Loans

    CUNY’s library book loan lengths for grad students are shorter than those offered by any university, anywhere: 3 weeks for Master’s level students, coded “GRAD” in the CUNY+ catalog; 6 weeks for “DOC” students in PhD programs; and 6 weeks for CUNY faculty borrowing from outside […]

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  • Nancy Seda unpacks CLICS intra-CUNY library deliveries to the Grad Center Library

    The Grad Center: CUNY’s Hub

    What’s the relationship between CUNY and the CUNY Graduate Center? Under the leadership of Prof. Mina Rees the CUNY Graduate School and University Center was established in 1969, drawing on CUNY doctoral faculty with home appointments at other CUNY campuses. Today the CUNY Graduate Center hosts about 150 distinguished core-appointed […]

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