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    The Case for Longer CUNY Library Book Loans

    CUNY’s library book loan lengths for grad students are shorter than those offered by any university, anywhere: 3 weeks for Master’s level students, coded “GRAD” in the CUNY+ catalog; 6 weeks for “DOC” students in PhD programs; and 6 weeks for CUNY faculty borrowing from outside […]

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  • Nancy Seda unpacks CLICS intra-CUNY library deliveries to the Grad Center Library

    The Grad Center: CUNY’s Hub

    What’s the relationship between CUNY and the CUNY Graduate Center? Under the leadership of Prof. Mina Rees the CUNY Graduate School and University Center was established in 1969, drawing on CUNY doctoral faculty with home appointments at other CUNY campuses. Today the CUNY Graduate Center hosts about 150 distinguished core-appointed […]

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