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  • Emily Drabinski, ALA President & CUNY Professor, in the News

    The Graduate Center Library’s former colleague and interim Chief Librarian, Emily Drabinski, appeared on the New York Times’ Ezra Klein podcast in conversation with guest host sociologist Tressie McMillan Cottom. They discuss right-wing attacks on libraries, protecting children’s rights to read privately, and the value […]

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  • Emily Drabinski Becomes Interim Chief Librarian Under Worst Possible Conditions

    This is a tardy announcement that Emily Drabinski has taken on the position of Interim Chief Librarian at the Graduate Center. Her appointment began March 16, coincident with the upturn of the coronavirus outbreak in the most difficult possible historical moment to assume CUNY leadership. […]

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  • Polly Thistlethwaite

    Chief Librarian Thistlethwaite Departs for CUNY Central

    In March, after over 17 years of service at the CUNY Graduate Center, I will join the CUNY Office of Academic Affairs to head the Office of Library Services (OLS) as Interim University Dean for Library Services. In this new role, and in conjunction with […]

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  • Patience. Fortitude. MaRLI 2020.

    MaRLI 2020 In-person NYPL application & vetting for NYU and Columbia borrowing   The New York Public Library (NYPL) has tightened its policy for the MaRLI program, short for the Manhattan Research Libraries Network. NYPL this fall discontinued its online MaRLI application and now requires an […]

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  • SHARES Access to Research Libraries

    The Graduate Center Library brings expanded access to university and museum libraries around the region and around the world this summer research season: We are now an OCLC SHARES consortium member. SHARES membership allows entry and on-site use of resources at libraries in New York City and […]

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  • Assessing GC Library Space

    Silvia Cho and Diana Teeter, both in interlibrary loan, conducted twice-daily occupancy surveys of the Mina Rees Library over two weeks in November and December 2018. They did this to see how many people use the library and where in the library people sit. The study […]

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  • Emily Drabinski Joins the Mina Rees Library

    This week Emily Drabinski joins the Graduate Center in the role of Critical Pedagogy Librarian, supporting the GC community, particularly the CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies (SLU) affiliated with the Graduate Center. She will coordinate GC Library instruction and support grad students in developing […]

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  • SLU logo

    Welcome CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies

    The Graduate Center Mina Rees Library welcomes a new constituency: the CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies (SLU). Formerly the Murphy Institute, founded in 1984, SLU offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs that focus on workers’ rights and representation, and the conditions of employment […]

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  • Object Library Graphic

    365 Things Launch Event, Oct 16, 6-8pm

    365 Things is the inaugural project of the Object Library, the new installation on the first floor of the Mina Rees Library. Participatory in nature, 365 Things invites all comers to contribute one object, no bigger than their head, to go on public display. Objects will […]

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  • Mina Rees: Network Visionary

    The Graduate Center Library is named to honor a key figure in CUNY’s history. As we close in on sixty years of graduate education, it’s time to take an appreciative look back at the remarkable woman whose name the library bears. Mina Rees, the Graduate […]

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