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  • At the GC, Every Week Is Open Access Week!

    This week (October 24-30) is International Open Access Week, an annual event encouraging students, faculty, librarians, and researchers of all kinds to consider and share the benefits of open access to scholarly literature, research data, and educational materials. Here at the Graduate Center Library, we make […]

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  • classroom chairs

    Open Education and OERs: Moving Beyond the Jargon

    Even as it becomes clear that higher education may, in fact, survive the great MOOC threat of the 2010s, there continues to be a mixture of anxiety and misconceptions around the notion of open education. So what do we mean by open education? Personally, I […]

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  • Negotiating a Favorable Book Contract

    Securing a book contract for promotion and tenure is a goal in itself for academic authors. Scholarly book contracts tend to favor the publisher, however, and the terms often work against the author over the long term. That said, it’s increasingly possible for authors to negotiate more favorable terms with […]

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  • Open Access Research Guide

    Check out our newly updated Open Access research guide to learn the ins and outs of OA publishing and how it relates to your dissertation and other scholarship.  As you may already be aware, open access publishing is web accessible, free of charge, and free […]

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  • FTC vs. “Predatory” Publishers

    Are you familiar with the phenomenon of “predatory” open access (OA) journals? If not, here’s a brief description (from an article I co-authored last year) to get you started: [Predatory open access journals] exist for the sole purpose of profit, not the dissemination of high-quality research findings […]

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  • 3rd Annual Early Research & Scholarship Conference

    The Library is pleased to co-sponsor the Graduate Center’s Third Annual Early Research and Scholarship Conference (formerly the Archival Research Conference) which features student recipients of one of several different fellowships funded by the Provost’s office: the Knickerbocker Award for Archival Research in American Studies, […]

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  • Impact of Open Scholarship on public audiences

    Have you ever wondered after making one of your works publicly accessible in CUNY Academic Works (or while considering doing so), “who is this new audience I am reaching?” In a post earlier this year CUNY’s Scholarly Communications Librarian, Megan Wacha, framed this question in […]

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  • CUNY Legacy Dissertations & Capstones

    The Graduate Center Library is pleased to offer the CUNY community a new collection: CUNY GC Legacy (Retrospective) Dissertations, 1965-2014. This database is open for use by any current CUNY Library user on any CUNY campus, and it requires authentication with a CUNY library barcode number. The […]

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  • New Open Access Journal: Art History Pedagogy and Practice

    The world has a new open access journal — and a much-needed one, to boot! The journal is Art History Pedagogy and Practice (AHPP), published by Art History Teaching Resources (AHTR), an open educational resource initially created by Graduate Center students that has flourished into a […]

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    Fair Use Week: Copyright and Your Dissertation

    One of the most common concerns I hear from graduating students is confusion about copyright. Students in the sciences frequently take an “article as chapter” approach to their dissertation, reproducing work (figures, tables, etc.) that they’ve already published elsewhere. Art History students may need to […]

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