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  • Welcome Sadie Rain Hope Gund – Repository Project Curator

    The Graduate Center Library is pleased to introduce Sadie Rain Hope-Gund to the Mina Rees Library and Graduate Center community. Sadie Rain is working this Fall 2019 semester as a College Assistant on two projects focused on Open Scholarship. Half of her time will be […]

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    Unpaywall and Open Access Button: Browser Extensions for Fast Access

    How often have you run across a paywalled journal article and, despite knowing that you have options for finding the article, shrugged and decided not to pursue it? Whether you’re a student or a faculty member, a humanist or a scientist, a first-year student or a […]

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  • Emily Drabinski Joins the Mina Rees Library

    This week Emily Drabinski joins the Graduate Center in the role of Critical Pedagogy Librarian, supporting the GC community, particularly the CUNY School of Labor & Urban Studies (SLU) affiliated with the Graduate Center. She will coordinate GC Library instruction and support grad students in developing […]

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    When Is a “Journal” Not Really a Journal?

    Have you heard about “predatory” journals, also known as fake journals, sham journals, scam journals, and pseudo-journals? Are you wondering what their tactics are and how to avoid them? Read on!* What are they? Fake journals are shady for-profit publishing operations that solicit manuscripts for inclusion in journal-like […]

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  • Exploring Open Education

    Over the past 30 years, the concept of open education has developed alongside technological advances, and gained significant worldwide attention. Funding has been allocated on both the state and federal levels to support open access and open data projects: CUNY and SUNY were recently awarded […]

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  • Image of Media Wall at Mills Memorial Library, McMaster University

    Open Access Week Event: Digital Scholarship and the Public Good

    What is the role of scholar-activists in times of political and social upheaval? How have digital technologies transformed scholarship and changed our conceptions of authority and audience? How does scholarship respond to challenges that communities confront? Join CUNY librarians and faculty for a talk by […]

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  • Art History Pedagogy & Practice and GC Scholarly Communication Help

    Calling all GC art historians! Are you preparing syllabi for fall art history courses? If so, you just might draw some instructional inspiration from the new issue of Art History Pedagogy & Practice. AHPP is a new open access journal published by Art History Teaching […]

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  • CLACLS Latino Data Reports in CUNY Academic Works

    The GC Library is pleased to announce the arrival of the Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies’ Latino Data series in the CUNY Academic Works open access repository. The 65 reports in the series are posted to gain maximum exposure to the widest public readership, with […]

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  • Seats Still Open! May 2 @ 6:30: Your Google Scholar Profile (Why, How, Etc.)

    You’re probably familiar with using Google Scholar to search for scholarly literature. But did you know Google Scholar also includes researcher profiles, which researchers themselves can edit and enhance? Come learn how to claim your researcher profile, make your entries as correct and complete as […]

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  • Asst. Prof. Roxanne Shirazi, Dissertation Research Librarian

    Roxanne Shirazi is a familiar face at the Graduate Center Library, but this spring we welcome her to a full-time Assistant Professor tenure track position. Prof. Shirazi will coordinate the library’s archiving and distribution of electronic theses and dissertations (known in the trade as ETDs), as well as […]

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