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  • Redux: NYC Book Donation Centers

    This blog is an update of one that was published 10 years ago and, over time, the information became dated. This information is current as of September 15, 2023. In some cases, you can sell your books for money. The following are only some of […]

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  • Making WorldCat More Accurate to Decrease ILL Return Time

    In December, the library finished a project to reconcile the holdings in WorldCat with the library catalog holdings for journals. How does having accurate WorldCat journal holdings records affect interlibrary loan? Interlibrary loan departments across the world rely on WorldCat to order books, DVDs, CDs, […]

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  • JSTOR: Not the Only Game in Town

    Just about everyone has heard of JSTOR. Even new students hear about how wonderful JSTOR is from faculty and anyone who has used it. But what is JSTOR, and how does it compare to the other library online resources? The answers may surprise you. Basically, […]

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  • Library Trivia: Washington’s Presidential Library

    The presidential library for George Washington has opened last Friday, September 27th. As a piece of Library Trivia for you: Ironically, though the first president of the United States, Washington was the only one with no library. A reception was held to give guests an […]

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