3, 2, 1…Liftoff!

Image of the Space Shuttle Discovery

The final countdown begins: CUNY libraries are launching a major new catalog system on Monday, August 3! Most of the big changes are behind the scenes — the new system will transform how the library handles circulation, cataloging, e-resources, and more. But there are some public-facing changes as well, and, depending on your library habits, these changes may seem quite minor, or quite major. Here are the main changes you should be aware of, all happening August 3:

Classic Catalog” Going Away: After 18 years, the classic catalog no longer serves modern research needs and can no longer be maintained. Moving forward, OneSearch is the tool to use for book and ebook searches. (It’s also an excellent tool for searching cross-database for articles, dissertations, etc.)

Updates to OneSearch: A new version of OneSearch will also go live. The changes to the interface are minor, but you may notice some subtle differences.

CUNYfirst Login for OneSearch: You will log into your OneSearch account with your CUNYfirst credentials, not your library barcode number. (Forgot your CUNYfirst credentials? Retrieve your username, or reset your password.)

Changes to Permalinks: Permalinks to individual items in OneSearch will also change and, unfortunately, old permalinks will break. We’d hoped this problem could be avoided, but it regrettably can’t be, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience it will cause some users. To find an item’s new permalink, you’ll need to perform a fresh search for the item in OneSearch. (Pro tip: Wait until a few days after August 3, once everything is stable.)

Screen shot showing where to find permalink in a OneSearch record

Every OneSearch record includes a permalink. When the new library system goes live, all permalinks will change.

Expect Some Hiccups: These changes are all scheduled to occur Monday morning. However, it will take a little time to make all necessary changes across the library website. Please bear with us as we update links and deal with any issues that arise, and let us know if you encounter any persistent problems.

Evergreen Reminder: OneSearch does not include all items from all library databases, or all search features found in other databases. Therefore, when you need to dive deep into disciplinary literature or carefully craft an advanced search, you may favor our individual databases. Also, consult WorldCat to find books not held by CUNY libraries.

On August 3, prepare for liftoff! And please see our original post for a list of the many GC library faculty and staff whose great efforts have made this launch possible!

Photo: Space Shuttle Discovery (public domain)

About the Author

Jill Cirasella is the Scholarly Communication Librarian and University Liaison at the CUNY Graduate Center.