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If your interest is psychology, check out the excellent video resources from in the video database Kanopy (Learn more about Kanopy here). There are 243 videos in the collection, addressing topics like “Experimental Therapy,” “Harnessing the Power of Genograms,” and “The Legacy of Unresolved Loss.”

A selection of the videos are helpfully grouped into six series: “Family Therapy with the Experts,” “Psychotherapy with Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Clients,” “The 7 Skills for Addiction-Free Living Series,” and others. Within these series, you will find extensive coverage of the topics, as they showcase the work and methods of individual psychotherapists during filmed counselling sessions with clients (re-enactments as well as live sessions), and one-on-one interviews.

Still from a video in Kanopy

Still from Psychodrama Unmasked: Essential Tools and Techniques with Tobi Klein, 2012

There are many additional videos within the collection, and you can access them in a few ways. For a basic search, just type a word or phrase into the bar at the very top of the page: for example, “masculinity.” Please note, however, that the 115 search results will automatically include everything from Kanopy’s holdings, if they include that word in the film summary or title. To limit your results further, click the heading “Suppliers,” and select “” Another way to limit your results would be to add the collection name to your original search – masculinity – and you will instantly see a list of the 7 related films on that topic, by that supplier.

You can also sort the collection by date range, by selecting “Year of Production.” There are a few videos from the early 1980’s and 1990’s, but most (233 out of the total 243) were created between 2000-2017.

And lastly, it might be useful to check out other offerings related to psychology: there are 867 films across the Kanopy database (feature films, documentaries, and more!) listed under this heading.

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Elvis Bakaitis is an Adjunct Reference Librarian at the Graduate Center Library.