Beyond Wikipedia: Background and Reference Sources

A SPHERICAL BALLOON AND BALLOON SHED USED IN THE UNITED STATES ARMYWikipedia is a fine way to start your research and get a quick overview of a topic outside your comfort zone. Eventually, though, you’ll want to consult a reference source with a little more weight behind it. But how?

Our stalwart reference librarian Donna Davey has compiled some of our most commonly requested reference sources into a single research guide, with tips that even the most seasoned researcher will find helpful. “Beyond Wikipedia: Background and Reference Sources” is the newest addition to our growing collection of online guides designed by GC librarians to streamline the research process.

From directories and almanacs to statistics and timelines, we’ve got you covered. Government documents? Check. Images? Maps? They’re all there, along with advice and links for evaluating sources, avoiding plagiarism, and, of course, citing them.


About the Author

Roxanne Shirazi is assistant professor and dissertation research librarian at the CUNY Graduate Center, where she also serves as project director for the CUNY Digital History Archive and oversee the college’s institutional archives.