New GC Library Logo


You may have noticed that the Graduate Center Library is sporting a spiffy new logo. It was created for us by Mark Abrams, the graphic designer behind the extraordinarily clever and communicative JustPublics@365 logo. The library’s new logo was carefully designed to blend with the Graduate Center’s “skyscraper” logo, and it also includes a subtle design element that suggests the library’s role in connecting researchers with information: library as hub, as communicator, as beacon.

We also introduced a slim multi-colored banner on our website, a first step in the direction of creating a library website that more closely mirrors the Graduate Center’s site. We will make incremental changes to the library site over the coming weeks and months, and we hope you’ll tell us what you think about our evolving web site’s design and function.

Also, you’ll soon start seeing the library logo elsewhere — on library tools, library signs, and library handouts. We hope that it will become a kind of visual shorthand for helpful service and information you can trust.

About the Author

Prof. Polly Thistlethwaite is CUNY's Interim University Dean for Library Services.